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About CAE

China Africa Energy International Investment Co., Ltd. referred to as CAE, is an offshore BVI financial company registered in the Cayman Islands.

The company is mainly engaged in equity financing and mergers and acquisitions in the mining rights industry, targeting gold mines. It mainly invests in Africa, South America, Asia and other places. At present, this company's main strategic investment target is South Africa, Zimbabwe, China and other countries with the superiority of gold resource.

The core of benchmarking digital assets is to issue mineral digital assets with a constant total amount of block chains to mineral resources that have a huge valuation but lack liquidity, and then implement physical asset benchmarking by connecting to the block chain public chain, which will eventually allow mining companies to finance mining processing with high speed so as to make profits as well as raise the wealth of digital asset allocators.

Gold mine investment project

Ruenya River placer gold mine

The mining right here belongs to a section of the Ruenya River, which is located at the border between Zimbabwe's northeast and Mozambique, it is about 200 km from Harare, with a total area of about 80k㎡.

At present, the skillful engineers of geological team have carried out a preliminary reconnaissance of the mining rights area. Gold placers are distributed in river beds and terraces, with ore bodies of 2 - 10m thick and 2 - 10g /m³, and the grade tends to upgrade from the top to bottom. The placer gold is mainly in the form of medium and fine grains, with occasional large grains of gold. Sand gold has good roundness, smooth surface, golden color and premium appearance. The reserve of gold is conservatively estimated to reach over 40 tons.

Gold mine investment project

Bulawayo placer gold mine

Zimbabwe has the world's highest grade and most exploitable river sand gold resources. Tianbao Mining owns three gold placers in bulawayo: Unkakezi River, INS Iza River and Umuzzingwane River. Mining zones are distributed in the northeast, east and southeast of Bulawayo Urban Region, within 100 km from Bulawayo City.

Our company has conducted a preliminary reconnaissance of this three mining areas. The placer gold ore bodies are distributed in river beds and terraces with a thickness of 5 - 8m and a grade of 0.3 - 1.2g / m; Sand gold is dominated by large grains of gold. Sand gold is smooth, golden and high in color. The reserve of gold is conservatively estimated to be over 20 tons.

Gold mine investment project

Acturas rock gold mine

The project is located 30 kilometers east of Harare, Zimbabwe's capital, and has 12 gold mining rights with high grade and conservative estimated reserves of more than 10 tons. The project has smoothly completed both the exploration work and reserves report.

According to the preliminary investigation results of the company's senior engineers on the spot, the types of deposits are mainly Shi Ying vein type and rock vein type gold deposits, the thickness of the ore body is generally 1 ~ 20m, and the gold reserves are considerable. The gold mine contains about 2 - 40g of gold per ton of ore and 30 tons of gold in total reserves of 12 mining rights.

Equity Gold Mine Cooperation Project

Sichuan Jinzuo Mining Industry

Bo Niangou Gold Mine: The gold mine is located in Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, with a survey area of 54.91 square kilometers delineated by 14 inflection points. From Chengdu-Ya 'an - Xichang - Muli, there is a trunk highway with a length of about 800 km ( Chengdu - Xichang also has a trunk highway in Chengdu-Kunming railway ), and from Muli County to the detailed investigation area, there is a forest highway with a length of about 230 km ( the under -constructed Sichuan Grand Tour Loop Line will pass through about 15 public places outside the mining area ), so as to make the transportation more convenient.

Larong Gold Mine: The gold mine is located in the north of Muli County, belonging to Muli County, covering an area of 17.27 square kilometers and delineated by six inflection points. From Chengdu - Ya 'an - Xichang - Muli, there is about 800 km of trunk road traffic line ( Chengdu - Xichang also has chengdu-kunming railway traffic trunk line ), while Muli County - Zhanxi Ranch - Boyou Village Road passes through the whole section of 230 km from the exploration area, making the traffic more convenient.

About STO

CAE Digital Asset Securitization

CAE Benchmarking Gold Mine Company Equity

Each CAE all symbolizes an equity interest in the corresponding contract

CAE Digital Asset Equity

To enjoy the company's bonus by means of this CAE certificate

CAE Digital Asset Increment Mode

Valuation of standard assets to realize equity appreciation

Key Points of CAE Technology/h6>

Applied Basic Design

CAE chain embraces the characteristics of safety, stability, innovation and high efficiency in platform technology, and has been improved on the basis of referring to Ethernet technology.


Intelligent contract: The intelligent contract layer is a vital element amid the application of consensus mechanism. The operation of the intelligent contract must depend on the virtual machine to ensure that the unified intelligent contract can be calculated to obtain the same result in different environments.


Consensus Algorithm ( DPOS ):Consensus mechanism is a unique algorithm mechanism for distributed application software. In a plural of centralized software, any complex problem can avoid using complex algorithmic logic ( the code will undoubtedly be simpler and more efficient if it can be directed by algorithms ), as well as dispense some troubles in its development and design.


Security of Big Data : CAE data can be stored on the block chain from every step of collection, transaction, circulation and calculation and analysis, so that the quality of data can be endorsed with unprecedented strong trust, the correctness of data analysis results and the effect of data mining can also be ensured, and the use of data can be further standardized, the scope of authorization can be refined, the data usage can be traced back, and the safety and compliance of data use can be fully guaranteed.


Tracing back to the source:based on the de-centralization of block chain technology to prevent data forgery and tampering, the data stored in CAE chain has the characteristics of traceability but cannot be tampered, it will track and record the circulation chain of tangible goods or intangible information under authorization. Through the registration of each circulation, the goals of tracing origin, anti-counterfeiting verification, optimizing supply chain according to traceability information, and providing supply chain financial services are achieved.





White Paper
CAE Profile
Route Schematic

Project development plan

This is the planning time node of the project and its specific progress depends on the actual situation. Any unpredictable changes will be disclosed separately.

October 2017
Project investigation
  • Feasibility Analysis of Sto in Gold Mine
  • Approved Project Notes
February 2018
Project technology research and development
  • Set up a technical task force
  • Technology development
September 2018
system test
  • Intelligent contract testing
  • Token tes
October 2018 - May 2019
Dapp Wallet
  • Functional Test on Asset Wallet
June 2019
CAE Assets Exchange will get online
  • issue the Token
  • Digital asset subscription
July 2019
CAE Asset Securitization
  • Legal agreements will be confirmed
  • Prepare for the process to issue the Token
August - December 2019
Asset restructuring
  • Audit execution phase
Our Team

Technical Team

From the top industry technical experts to provide operational guarantees for the project.

Project Director

He has 13 years of experience in Internet products, technology and business development, marketing, planning and sales management experience, profit growth, new business launches, and domestic and international market assessments.

Technical Director

8 years of experience in Internet business development, management and marketing. Over the past year, he has focused on blockchain technology, with a focus on coaching blockchain projects. He is an important part of overseeing GenesisLink's entire technical team.

Technical Engineer

6 years of designing the physical infrastructure of mining, extensive network layout and cooling machine planning experience, while managing the technical nodes of all aspects of GenesisLinks facility installation and maintenance operations.

Technical Engineer

5 years of database design, programming JAVA, PHP network and applications, infrastructure deployment in the United States, China successfully built and launched more than 100 kinds of blockchain software projects. Since 2013, many blockchain data centers have been successfully established and operated.

Technical Engineer

Computer software engineer, entrepreneur, Ph.D. in Economics at the University of London, served as a shareholder in the Bank of Scotland in 2003. 12 years of experience in investment, marketing and currency management. Since 2010, Angel has focused on bitcoin and blockchain technology. She succeeded in creating project peer-to-peer payment services and alternative currency channels.



STO is the abbreviation of Security Token Offer, which means the issuance of securities-type certificates. The goal is to issue a public certificate of the certificate under a legal and regulatory regulatory framework. ST (Security Token) corresponds to a certain kind of financial assets or interests in the real world, such as company equity, creditor's rights, gold, real estate investment trust, and dividend rights of the blockchain system. STO is an upgraded version of IPO in the blockchain era and can be understood as IPO 2.0.

The target equity assets are: two gold mines to be mined by Sichuan Jinzuo Mining Co., Ltd. (has been approved by China Land and Resources Bureau for two exploration rights certificates) with a total area of 72.18 square kilometers and an estimated total gold reserve of 45 tons.

The issuer is: China Africa Energy International Investment Co., Ltd., referred to as CAE China Africa Energy, is an offshore BVI financial company incorporated in the Cayman Islands. China Africa Energy is mainly engaged in equity financing and mergers and acquisitions in the mineral rights industry, and locks in gold mines. The main investment areas are in Africa, South America, Asia and other places. At present, the company's main strategic investment countries are South Africa, Zimbabwe, China and other gold mineral resources. .

The total issuance is 3.1 billion CAEs and will never be issued. STO accounts for 30%, project side accounts for 25%, technology side accounts for 10%, and institutional investors account for 35%


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